The School believes in, and uses  the child-centered approach, where curriculum design and course content are all focused on addressing the student's unique learning needs, abilities, and interests. We tap the student’s learning styles to encourage the child to explore, discover, and learn according to his own level. Because the classroom setting allows the child to become natural learners, their social and emotional development reach full potential as well.


Little Children’s School recognizes and accepts the uniqueness of each child, including those who are learning-challenged. All children are given opportunities to develop themselves fully.


To carry out our vision, the school is committed to:

  1. Provide a dual-program of preschool and early intervention for those with developmental delays;

  2. Support and encourage the vital role that the family plays in the child’s development;

  3. Teach students respect for all through exposure to those who are learning challenged;

  4. Develop the child mentally, socially, emotionally, morally, and spiritually through core values of integrity, honesty and upholding of human dignity in all of humankind.